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Moonshine Spirit
Brown Harness Boots

I bought these boots on sale in September 2015. These boots have a shaft height of 13 inches, square toe, and a heel hight of 1.58 inches. The boots are brown distressed leather.

The boots are leather lined. They are made in Mexico by an unknown contracted source through a manufacturing agreement with Boot Barn and in contract with U.S. country music star Brad Paisley. The materials and craftsmanship are okay -- not outstanding, but they are alright for the cowboy harness boot style I enjoy.

These are NOT motorcycle boots. Why? These boots have a smooth leather sole which provide no traction whatsoever. No real motorcycle operator would wear boots with soles like these while riding a bike.

Other than that, they look good and are lightweight. I wear them casually, but not when riding my Harley. I have real biker boots for that!

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