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A Gay Man Into Boots, Leather, Shoes, and Suits

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I am Rick (aka "BHD"). Welcome to my personal website and my blog.

Note: If you were looking for "Booted Harleydude," you're on the right website. My life has changed a lot since I retired, lost the love-of-my-life, and sold my Harley. This site has been updated accordingly.

I am your average retired gay man who enjoys living in the Maryland 'burbs north and west of Washington, DC, as well as Puerto Rico and Canada. This site has been around since 2005. I've been around since the late '50s and a cowboy booted Marlboro smoker since age 14 when I lived on a horse ranch in Oklahoma.

After I retired in 2019 and suffered the untimely death of my husband in 2021, I keep busy serving my career profession and my community as a volunteer. I enjoy keeping up this hobby website and traveling for photo adventures in the USA and Canada.

I support gay men living openly (and have written a lot about my life as a gay man on my blog), as well as men interested in boots and the leather community, of which I've been a part for more than 40 years.

I rode motorcycles since 1978 but sold my Harley in 2024 since I am getting older and knew the time was right for me to make that deeply personal decision to give up riding.

I think of myself as a "gentle mentor" and am happy to guide guys who are exploring interests in things we have in common: living as an out an open gay man; cowboy/western boots, dress boots, motorcycle boots, and work boots; leather gear for function, fetish, and casual wear; dress shoes & business suits; and smoking.

Having grown up in boots, I have an extensive list of boot reviews on my boot wiki knowledgebase.

Boots, leather, shoes and suits are current, practical, and fetish interests, but aren't all who I am. See my FAQ page for more details.

Use the menu at the top of this page to explore this website. Thanks for visiting!