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My Rujo Boots

I began buying Rujo Boots in 2020. As a long-time boot guy, I exceptionally impressed with their quality, style, fit, and comfort. This company has good customer service and prompt delivery. Their direct-to-consumer pricing of boots is great. Rujo Boots are made in León, Mexico, where high-quality boots are made which keeps the production costs under reasonable control.

Rujo Boots are made of superb quality leather and exotic skins, and have fully welted and pegged soles. These are signs of quality craftsmanship and construction.

These boots are very comfortable. The fit is true-to-size. The traditional style cowboy boots are 12 inches high, feature a scalloped shaft, and have a heel height of 1.7 inches, slightly higher than most other boots at 1-3/8 to 1-1/2 inches.

Dressed up with a suit, or relaxed with denim jeans, these boots look great no matter the frequent occasions when I wear them.

These are the Rujo Boots in my personal boot collection. A full display of all of my cowboy boots is here.

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