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2020 Chippewa
Firefighter Boots
with Vibram 100 sole
("Ruttman" model 27422)

Someone unfamiliar and unwilling to learn how to install boot zippers bought these boots and returned them unworn. I could tell that because when I bought them at the cost of $49 (wow!) from Sierra Trading Post, the right boot had one lace between both sides of the boot, showing that the previous purchaser attempted to lace the boot like you would for a logger. That's not how it works!

So I snatched 'em up on a terrific sale, and will eventually introduce them into my regular motorcycle boot collection.

Photos of these boots as I received them:

Chippewa Firefighter Boots Chippewa Firefighter Boots Chippewa Firefighter Boots Chippewa Firefighter Boots

More photos will follow over time.

I own seven pairs of these Chippewa Firefighter/Station boots.

Step 4 boot lacingDetailed instructions, photo, and video illustrations on how to lace these boots is on this page of my website here.

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