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18" Bal-Laced
Vibram Lug-Soled
Stock Dehner Boots

These Dehner Boots are stock (not custom). I had the Dehner Company put Vibram 100 lug soles on them. These soles are great for good traction when I ride my Harley.

This pair of Dehner Boots is a stock size 10-1/2D with the 1" extra-wide calf. They are 18" tall. The foot material composing the bal-laced instep is all leather. The shaft is Dehcord. Since they have that plastic Dehcord shaft, I'll be careful not to nick them or ride too hard on my Harley while wearing them so they won't crack. I shined the shafts using a gentle spray of furniture polish and wiping them down.

After three years and many thousand miles, they still shine up well...

These boots look good with boot chains, too

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