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Police Patrol Boots

Over the years, I have acquired a number of pairs of police patrol boots. I have liked the design, fit, and feel of tall police patrol boots, which I often choose to wear with breeches when I ride my Harley.

These boots are usually black in color and 17" - 19" high, and are made of cowhide or other materials, including combinations of leather (cowhide, calfskin) and plastic (Dehcord, Clarino). Some of these boots have plastic topcoats that make them shiny, but the topcoat is not as thick as the laquer used to make "patent leather."

These boots have Vibram®, standard rubber (nitrile), or composite soles (ranging from the best to the worst, as composite soles are made of resins which degrade over time and with exposure to oil, heat, and weather extremes, and are known to leave black melt marks on hot motorcycle pipes.) These boots usually have heels of 3/4 inches or less, and a round toe.

There are two foot designs of police patrol boots: 1) classic "bal-laced" which has laces at the instep to form a tighter, leaner fit across the foot, and 2) "dress instep" which is plain (no laces) and that some cops say they prefer because dirt and gunk do not get trapped in the instep.

Fittings of the boot shaft for the leg come in three designs: 1) buckle, which is the preferred style for its ease of adjustment and function; 2) laces, which help adjust the fit but can come loose and flap in the wind; and 3) no buckle or laces at all, which is not common.

These are the motorcycle police patrol boots in my collection. A full index of all of my motorcycle boots is here.

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