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Traditional Wesco
Motor Patrol Boots

If you landed on this page while looking for information about motorcycle police patrol boots, click here for a complete guide to this style of boot.

I bought a pair of "Hybrid" Wesco Patrol Boots in 2008, and specified a Vibram® 100R big lug sole for them. Wesco would only build the boots with that sole on a "Boss" (engineer style) last, meaning that the foot is rounded like an Engineer boot. So in late 2008, I ordered a pair of "traditional" Wesco Motor Patrol Boots with the standard sole that comes with them -- a Vibram® 430 sole. This sole has small lugs, and is narrower than a Boss boot. Further, in summer 2008 Wesco started making these boots with "Black Tie" leather, which is shinable, and is also a bit thinner than the leather used for their Harness or Boss boots. Therefore, they are more comfortable, and do not get as hot on warm days.

These boots are 18" tall, and were made custom to fit. There is one buckle at the top to adjust the fit and feel on my legs. Otherwise, there are no buckles, or laces. They look great, and feel even better!

Berliner Neoprene Pants
Berliner Neoprene Pants

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