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Allen Edmonds
Dress Boots and Shoes

Date this page was last updated: September 4, 2022

I like Allen Edmonds footwear for their comfort, style, craftsmanship, and that the dress boots and shoes I have in my extensive Allen Edmonds collection are made in the USA. Allen Edmonds makes great looking dress shoes and boots, and casual boots, too.

Note: I seldom purchase Allen Edmonds footwear at full price. Sign up for their email list and watch for frequent sales. Allen Edmonds has two major sales each year -- April Anniversary Sale and in October for the "Rediscover America sale," and they offer sales overstock and seconds rather often. All of my "casual boots" below were seconds as well as many in my large collection of Allen Edmonds dress shoes. The only disparities I have noted were an uneven dye job which is mostly not noticeable.

These are my Allen Edmonds...

... in my personal collection. A full index of all of my dress boots is here and dress shoes is here.

Style: McAllister Brogued Wingtip

McAllister Black wingtip
Leather sole
McAllister Walnut wingtip
Leather sole
McAllister Chili wingtip
Dark Chili
Leather sole

Style: Cornwallis Medallion Toe

Cornwallis Black
Leather sole
Cornwallis Walnut
Leather sole

Went a little crazy combining the 15% Allen Edmonds Collectors discount with the 2018 Rediscover America Sale:

From left to right:

Fifth Avenue Black, Dainite sole
Fifth Avenue Merlot, Leather sole
Park Avenue Coffee, Leather sole
Park Avenue Walnut, Leather sole

Went a little crazier with two more pair by the time it was close to ending:

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