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Page last updated: February 6, 2023. As of this date,
I own and wear 141 pairs of dress shoes, with the greatest expansion of my collection occurring in 2021
and 2022 expanding the gaps by dozens more.

Dress Shoes, Suits, and Dress Leather Closet

Shoe Closet
Dress Shoe, Suits, and Dress Leather Closet 

My sexy Black dress shoes (as of November, 2021):

My brown wingtips:

Brown wingtip dress shoes

My brown cap toes:

Brown cap toe dress shoes

My brown perforated cap toes:

Brown perforated cap toe dress shoes

My brown perforated cap toe brogues:

Brown perforated cap toe brogue dress shoes

My brown whole cuts:

Brown wholecut dress shoes

My oxblood, blue, and olive shoes:

Other color dress shoes

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