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Fox Creek Leather Charter Vest

By Fox Creek Leather

This is a very well-made leather vest by bikers for bikers. I bought it from Fox Creek Leather of Roanoke, Virginia.

This vest is crafted from 1.2-1.4mm black full grain leather. It has a solid panel full back perfect for club colors. There are two front hand pockets for quick access to small items and dual snap-closure large interior pockets perfect for a wallet on one side and a cell phone (used only for emergencies) in the other. The back panel is seamless and wide enough for most patches. The vest has clean and simple lines, made from three individual leather panels so it has fewer seams with plenty of room for patches both on front and back. It has an extended length in the back so nothing is exposed while riding.

I bought this vest when entertaining a return to a former riding group to which I once belonged. However, that group decided not to recognize me as an "alumnus" and told me that if I wanted to rejoin the group, I would have to go through the full "prospect" process for a whole year, similar to a freshman pledging a college fraternity. I am too old to play those games, so I tipped my helmet to them, told them to enjoy safe rides, and did not pursue further engagement. They soon dropped me from their email and monthly chat sessions. Just as well... their rides originated in Virginia, which is a pain in the ass to get to from Maryland where I live.

So now I have a nice, clean, plain vest to wear when riding my Harley. I call it my "GDI" vest. You can figure out what that means.

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