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Retro Biker Chaps

These are traditional (some call "retro") heavyweight motorcycle chaps. The chaps are made from thick, 4 - 5 oz leather (1.8 - 2.0mm thickness). They have an outside zipper, designed for bikers to wear when riding a motorcycle so the zipper does not scratch the paint. The chaps have a straight leg, wide enough to fit over boots, and feature D-rings on each side to hold keys. The chaps have various closures (*see note below), from a plain strap to a belt buckle, or hooks that snap on and the chaps are held on with a leather lace. They have an adjustable lace closure at the rear.

These are super hot-looking, quality custom chaps. They remind me a lot of the Leathermaker chaps that I ordered in 1977. I will enjoy them a lot while riding my Harley. I bought them from 665 Leather of West Hollywood, California. If I have only one regret, it is that the chaps did not come with pockets.

Harley Road King
Harley Road King

This is the closure with the lace.

Unfortunately, the snaps that hold the various closures onto the chaps come unsnapped when swinging my leg over my Harley's saddle. Therefore, I have had to permanently attach a belt closure with rivets, as shown here.

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