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Boots of 2010

Total new boots for my collection in 2010: 19 pairs.

Page updated: May 18, 2011.

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Lucchese Brown Wingtip BootsLucchese Classic Brown Wingtip Cowboy Boots    I liked the look and style of wingtip inlay cowboy boots. I received these boots in December, 2010, but discovered to my dismay that I had not posted a web page about them, so this update was written in May, 2011, when I finally got around to doing that. These are Lucchese Classics, with the predominant color of a medium brown with chocolate brown fancy-stitched inlays on the heel, vamp, and shafts. They are made of soft calfskin and are very comfortable. These boots were sold in November, 2023.

Lucchese Blue Jeans BootsLucchese Blue Jeans Cowboy Boots    I had seen these boots for several years on the Internet, but the price was exceptionally high, so when the price dropped by half on the day after Thanksgiving, 2010, I snagged 'em. These are Lucchese Classics, with the predominant color in blue with white and black inlays and accents. They are quite unique and attractive! [I sold these boots in April, 2021.]

Dehner Field BootsBrown Dehner Field Boots    I was measured for these boots by Jeff Ketzler, the Principal Partner of the Dehner Boot Company when he visited a motorcycle police rodeo that I attended. These boots were custom-made and are crafted with brown Voyager leather. They have Vibram 100 soles, and a unique three-strap fitting. They are unique boots in my Dehner Boot collection!

Wesco Boss engineer bootsTraditional Wesco Boss Boots    I bought these boots on on sale from Stompers Boots. They are traditional 18" black Boss engineer boots. Unlined and stock in size, they fit closely on my legs and feel great. (Sold October 2018)

Frye brown engineer bootsBrown Frye engineer boots    I bought these boots on an eBay auction. These boots are in the traditional engineer style, are 14" tall, and have a rubber sole and 1" heel. They were a rare find! (Subsequently sold in July 2014.)

Lucchese Classic Brown Cowboy BootsLucchese Classic Brown dress cowboy boots    I bought these boots to wear to work. These boots are top-of-the line, and are very comfortable and sturdy. They look good with a suit as they do with Wranglers.

Lucchese Classic Camel Cowboy BootsLucchese Classic cowboy boots    I bought these boots to wear to work. The color is a light brown, which the manufacturer calls "camel." I sold these boots in January 2021.

Lucchese Antique Saddle Cowboy BootsLucchese Antique Saddle "1883" cowboy boots    I bought these boots on sale, and they're comfortable, though the leather is very soft so is subject to scuffing easily. They are good-looking boots, and I wear them with jeans while moseying around the neighborhood.

Lucchese Grey Ostrich Cowboy BootsLucchese grey full quill ostrich dress cowboy boots    I bought these boots to wear to work. I've always liked grey boots. These are dressy enough to wear to work, and go well with Wranglers, too. (I sold these boots in February, 2021. I am retired and don't wear boots to work anymore.)

Chippewa Harness BootsChippewa Harness Boots    I bought these boots on sale from Metboots. They are standard, rugged, motorcycle harness boots. 12" tall with a 1-1/2" heel and Vibram yellow-plug sole. Great boots for times when I'm just a regular biker dude.

Lucchese Classic Dark Grey Cowboy BootsLucchese Classic dark grey dress cowboy boots    I bought these boots as a gift to myself for getting a really good job. These dress boots will look great with the clothes I wore to work. These are top-of-the-line boots made by Lucchese ("classics"). They are made of thick, quality leather. I ordered them a half-size larger than I usually wear because that size was $100 less than my regular size, so I installed thick gel insoles to take up the extra room, as well as to make them comfortable for all-day wear at the office.

Nocona Blue Ostrich BootsNocona blue full-quill ostrich boots    I bought these boots back in October, 2009, but due to production delays, they were not delivered until March, 2010. At the time, my broken leg was still swollen and I couldn't put these boots on. I put them away, and then remembered to get them out in July and take some pics. Cool-looking boots!

Chippewa Bomber Jacket Engineer BootsChippewa brown "Bomber Jacket" engineer boots    I bought these boots on a sale from Met Boots. I had seen them around, and thought they would be a nice addition to my biker boot collection since they are only 11" high and made of very soft leather. They're great for wearing while riding my Harley in hot weather.

Vibram lug-soled Dehner bal-laced BootsStock Dehner bal-laced lug-soled boots    I bought these boots from Stompers Boots as their sale on Dehner Boots was ending. Stompers arranged to have the Dehner Company put Vibram 100 lug soles on them for me. Great for traction while riding my Harley. They have a wider calf circumference, so they fit better than their older brothers with the same design.

Lucchese Wingtip Lizard BootsLucchese Lizard Wingtip Cowboy Boots    I saw these boots on sale at Sheplers and liked the unique design of a teju lizard wingtip and lizard inlay on the instep. I wore them for dressy occasions (and also with jeans.) They are very comfortable boots.

Wesco Roughout Harness BootsWesco Roughout Harness Boots    I ordered these boots in October, 2009, from Stompers Boots of San Francisco. The boots arrived in late March, and and were the wrong size! I had to send them back to be made again. They arrived in late May, and are the most interesting, hottest looking Wesco boots I have! They are 20" tall, have burgundy roughout leather foot, brown roughout leather shaft, and brown leather harness straps and back stays. Vibram 100R soles make them perfect for wearing while riding the Harley. (Note: these boots were sold in 2019.)

Cowboy Biker Harness BootsCowboy/biker harness boots    I ordered these boots in October, 2009, from Champion Attitude Boots (I sold them in 2017). The boots arrived in late March, 2010. They were 17" tall, had burgundy leather shafts, and a black full-quill ostrich foot. Vibram 100 soles made them perfect for wearing while riding the Harley for a totally different "attitude"!

Timberland BootsTimberland Work Boots    I bought these boots in January 2010 to wear when I do home renovation projects and work around the house. They are very comfortable and sturdy work boots.

Justin Buckaroo BootsJustin Bent Rail Buckaroo Boots    I received these boots from an anonymous person in January, 2010. They are 15" tall, blue and tan two-tone buckaroo boots made under the Justin "Bent Rail" line. They are nice-looking boots!

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