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Motorcycle Gear Reviews

I have learned that the website Motorcycle Gear Hub -- motorcycle clothing & gear reviews for riders is the best source of thorough, unbiased, and experience-based reviews of all sorts of motorcycle riding gear. I strongly endorse this site as I personally have learned and made decisions about my own gear by reading the reviews and applying the vast knowledge of the author to my own needs. Here are but a few sections of this site to learn from:


Here are places I buy or have bought boots on the Internet

Tecovas Boots, San Antonio, Texas. This company has boots made in Mexico and serves the U.S. market well with quality boots at very affordable prices. I own several pairs of boots made by Tecovas, and have been happy with their quality of manufacture and comfort. I am not happy, though, with this company's marketing practices that target their "in-club" of which I am not included.

Champion Attitude Boots, El Paso, Texas. This company does some fine work in hand-crafting boots -- mostly cowboy boots. It can take a few months for special order boots, but the quality is excellent. Just be sure to submit accurate measurements.

Boot Barn, Orange County, California. Terrific selection on cowboy boots. Better pricing for shipping than most competitors. Look for a "promo code" on the internet before making a purchase. Frequently you can get 10% - 15% more discount by using a promo code. Note: Boot Barn owns Sheplers, so pricing is about the same.

Sheplers, Wichita, Kansas. Reputable, good selection. Occasional sales make pricing competitive. Owned by Boot Barn holdings and is not the same store it once was before being bought out.

Dehner Boots -- see explanation under "Wesco" below.

Big Black Boots, San Diego, California -- was one of the best, but closed the business in July, 2019.

West Coast Shoe Company (Wesco) and Dehner Boots

You will notice that I do not list the West Coast Shoe Company (maker of Wesco Boots) or the Dehner Boot Company as active links. They make great boots, but you can save a significant amount of money on the same boots from a third-party retailer. Drool on images from the factory's website, but unless you have money to burn, order your boots from a boot retailer, not from the company.

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Motorcycle Garments and Leather

Here are places I buy or have bought motorcycle and leather garments in person or on the Internet, Las Vegas, Nevada. This is the best source of Rev'It gear which I wear when I ride my Harley. Top-notch gear for a rider who wants to be protected and safer.

Fox Creek Leather, Roanoke, Virginia. This shop makes biker gear -- vests, chaps, jackets, and accessories. It caters to the straight biker market. The leather gear they make is great, and service is excellent.

Mr. S. of San Francisco, California. This is the "granddaddy" of leather fetish shops in the United States. I bought a lot of my leather gear from Mr. S and have been pleased with the tailoring and service. Unfortunately, their reputation in responding to email is poor. If you want something from them, it is best to visit their store in person or call them on the telephone.

Northbound Leather, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Northbound is an excellent leather fetish shop, and has been in business for a long time. They have very good custom leather gear -- and pricing on par with quality (but not cheap!) Customer service is friendly, responsive, and helpful. If you do not know quite what you want or what may fit, give them a call.

665 Leather, West Hollywood, California. Established leather fetish shop that makes good custom leather gear at a price consistent with the quality produced (that is, "not cheap.") Good customer service by phone and in person.

CJ's Leather, Denver, Colorado. This is a small leather fetish shop. I have been pleased with the quality of two pairs of leather jeans that I bought from them. The service was good and I received my custom order when promised.

Where I have purchased leather but cannot recommend

Leather Up. I bought a pair of leather jeans from them that were cheaply and poorly made.

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Please read the section about uniforms on my Complete Guide to Leather Gear and my page about assembling a CHP uniform for more details about replica uniforms and methods of assembling them.

I have used the following vendors which have worked well for me. Note, these vendors will only ship merchandise to addresses in the United States. I am not currently aware of vendors of uniform-related merchandise who will ship to addresses outside the U.S.

L.A. Police Gear is NOT recommended. This company expresses negative and bad political ideaologies.

Intapol Industries. Good source of police breeches.

I am not aware of other vendors of uniform-related gear who will sell items to people who are not cops or active-duty military. If you know of any reputable vendors who will do this, let me know.

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Boots Wiki -- the complete resource on information about boots.

Motorcycle Gear Hub -- motorcycle clothing & gear reviews for riders is the best source of thorough, unbiased, and experience-based reviews of all sorts of motorcycle riding gear.

International Mr. Leather Contest. IML is held over Memorial Day weekend (usually the last weekend in May) in Chicago, Illinois, USA. The website provives information on hotels, activities, and registration for IML. This is the largest leather fetish contest in the world.

Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend. MAL is held in Washington, DC, over Martin Luther King holiday weekend, which is usually the third weekend in January. The website provides information on hotels, activities, and registration for MAL. This is reported to be the second only to IML in size of attendance at such an event.

Folsom Street Fair. This event, which occurs on the last weekend in September in San Francisco, California, is one of the oldest, kinkiest gatherings of leather fetishists in the U.S. A smaller, more intimate gathering, called the "Up Your Alley" (or Dore Alley) fair, is held the last Sunday in July. Information about both events can be found on this one website.

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Here's my opinion on eBay. As far as on-line auction sites go, eBay is by far the most sophisticated and thorough. Most boots and leather gear on eBay is represented factually and when I have bought boots or gear through eBay, I have gotten what I have paid for. Have I been disappointed? Yes, but that was my fault. For example, I didn't see something that was not in a description, and I ended up with a pair of Langlitz leather breeches that ultimately didn't fit (but they did fit my partner, so they weren't a loss.)

If you choose to bid on an item on eBay, check the seller's feedback. You may not find a 100% positive rating, but sometimes some people have bones to pick if they got something that they didn't like. You usually can't return something bought on eBay unless it was materially misrepresented. However, another example is that I bought a pair of boots that were the right size in the foot, but the calf was too small and I couldn't wear them. The seller was very accommodating and took them back and refunded my purchase price. He didn't have to do that, but as I said, most sellers on eBay are fair and reasonable.

Don't bid immediately. Note when the bid ends, and keep track of it. If you bid too early, undoubtedly someone will outbid you. Wait until close to the end of the auction to bid. That's what most people do (and I do not recommend the use of sniping programs which are not fair to regular folks).

One last recommendation: pick your top bid price and stick to it. Avoid getting caught up in a last-minute frenzy with escalating bids. If the top bid is more than what you said to yourself you want to spend, let it go. You can find it again later from someone else. That happens a lot. Good luck, happy bidding!

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