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Shoes of 2017

Total new dress shoes for my collection in 2017: 3 Pairs.

Page updated November 19, 2018

In 2017, I got into dress shoes. My collection began in a small way with three pairs shown below. I liked how dress shoes looked on my feet with dress clothes I wore to the office. They felt very comfortable, and my dress shoe collection began.

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Brooks Brothers wingtip burgundy dress shoes  I bought these dress shoes in October, 2017, on sale. These are classic wingtip dress shoes in the Golden Fleece line by Brooks Brothers. These shoes have a very comfortable footbed, though they are heavy. They have Dainite rubber inserts in the sole. The shoes are made in Italy. They're big, clunky, and have a commanding prescence when I walk in them. They join my dress shoe collection.

Allen Edmonds Carlyle Oxblood plain toe dress shoes  I bought these dress shoes during the first time I bought shoes during the Allen Edmonds "Rediscover America" sale in October, 2017. These are wholecut oxford dress shoes in oxblood. They have a single oak leather sole with a regular heel. The CustomCork midsole naturally molds for a custom fit with wear. Bench welted for added stability. Handcrafted in Port Washington, WI, USA of fine imported leathers. Built on the welted 108 Last and are made with 360° Goodyear Welted construction. They join my Allen Edmonds dress shoe collection.

Allen Edmonds Yorktown Black cap toe dress shoes  These lace-up derby black dress shoes were made by Allen Edmonds and were discontinued in 2017. They feature a cap-toe blucher traditional design. They are 360-degreee Goodyear welted and have a single oak leather sole and regular heel and built on the welted 1943 last. They are handcrafted in Port Washington, WI, with imported premium calfskin. I bought these dress shoes at an Allen Edmonds outlet in 2017. They were the first to join my Allen Edmonds dress shoe collection.

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