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Shoes of 2024

Total new dress shoes for my collection in 2024: 7 Pairs (so far).

Page updated May 10, 2024

Being a confirmed "shoe guy," I have a very large dress shoe collection. I wear shoes almost every day; sometimes I choose different pairs to wear each day, depending on if I may wear a men's dress suit and tie, dress slacks, or jeans. When I spot a pair that are interesting to me and I don't have already... well, they may show up in my collection.

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Paul Evans Brando semi-brogue oxfords. I love the style, quality, and brilliance of Paul Evans dress shoes. Made in Italy with great craftsmanship, this dress shoe was offered on sale as the color ("chocolate") is being discontinued. I bought them in March 2024. The name of this style is "Brando," size 9.5 (European). Made from full-grain Italian calfskin leather upper, matching closed-channel leather soles, black interior leather lining, Blake construction. These are really classy dress shoes. These shoes look GREAT with any suit in my wardrobe.

Charles Tyrwhitt high shine dark tan oxfords. These shoes are made of 100% leather and have 100% leather lining with a half leather in sock. Lasted and finished in England, Goodyear welted construction, Leather soles with scalloped embossing to add comfort and flexibility, VA foam filler to mold to my feet as I wear them. These shoes will go well with any suit in my wardrobe (especially blue or navy). Caught my eye and I bought on a close-out sale in March 2024.

Barker Burgundy hi-shine Bampton Wingtips  These are "Bampton" dress oxford wingtip shoes that were designed by Barker English Shoes of Northhampton, England, and made in Portugal. I bought them on sale in March, 2024. These shoes are size US10. They have a diamond punch detailing with a combination of high shine and grain leather. These shoes feature a Blake-stitched leather sole with a rubber forepart. They are leather lined and have a leather footbed. Wingtips are sexy as heck.

Barker Black hi-shine Hampstead Wingtips  The Hampstead is a classic Oxford wingtip brogue, perfect for business or casual attire. Made in a wide G fitting on our comfortable 469 last shape, it's the perfect all-rounder for any occasion. Designed and made in Northampton, England. Goodyear Welted construction. Full leather insole and lining. Calf leather with hi-shine finish. Hand-stitched detailing. Full leather sole. This pair is in size UK11 (US12) so I could have a pair of big f'kin shiny black wingtips to make a statement with my suits. Shiny black wingtips are sexy as heck. First reaction, instant hard-on.

J. Fitzpatrick "Wenatchee" sangria half-brogue  Size US10, Rainier last, full grain box calf (Europe), leatherboard heel stiffeners, hand-lasted waists, "Street Walker" rubber sole, Goodyear welted, fully leather lined, made in Spain. Quality dress shoe bought on sale in January 2024.

These shoes look great with blue suits. They took very little time to break in and are very comfortable. The color -- "Sangria" -- is a subtle burgundy, but from a distance, they look dark brown.

Allen Edmonds McAllister chili wingtips, Dainite Sole  I bought these shoes as factory seconds. This color and style was among my earliest dress shoe purchases that I bought in 2018. That pair has leather soles; these have Dainite rubber soles for good traction on wet pavement. I updated my extensive Allen Edmonds dress shoe collection with this new pair (#83), same style, but with Dainite soles in January 2024.

Allen Edmonds Carlyle black patent leather  F'k, why the hell not? Great shoe with a nice dark suit for rare times I have to dress formally. Adds to my Carlyle collection in my huge Allen Edmonds lineup. This is pair #82 of the Allen Edmonds dress shoes I own. (On receipt, I christened them biologically. Woops.) Bought on sale in January 2024.

These are the shoes I have ordered in 2024:

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