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Dressy Home Page Images

Some of these images appear in a slide show on my Home Page. The images of me dressed up are below. These photos are in chronological order, from newest to oldest.

Dressed up with dress shoes

Dressed up with boots

Image category links:

BHD is a Biker

BHD is a Bootman

BHD Wears Suits

BHD dresses up in shirt & tie

BHD Wears Dress Shoes

BHD Wears Leather Ties

BHD is a Leatherman

BHD is a Cowboy

BHD Smokes Marlboros

All images over time

Cowboy Boots Work Boots Motorcycle Boots Dress Boots Dress Shoes
Boots I No
Longer Own
Active Motorcycle Gear

Retired Motorcycle Gear

Fetish Leather Gear