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Booted Harleydude
and BikerBeef

Some stats about the guys pictured here:


Now that you know a bit more about us, here are some pics. Enjoy.

On one of our last outings, at Greenbrier State Park, Maryland, October, 2020

My hunky, adorable, husband in Puerto Rico, February 2020

Us -- our last Valentine's Day, Rincón, Puerto Rico, February 14, 2020

My adorable husband in Hawaii, March, 2020
On Oahu at Waikiki Beach

At the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, Island of Kauai

At Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Island of Hawai'i

Being the Kona Hawaiian Hunk

In our back yard on a sunny afternoon, February 2017

New Years, 2016

At Christmas, 2014

BB is a hunk! (January, 2015)

On our own "leather weekend" (same time as MAL, but at home)

In our back yard, November, 2020 -- our last "Fall Photo"

In our back yard, November, 2019

In our back yard, November, 2018

In our back yard, November, 2017

In our back yard, November, 2016

In our back yard, November, 2015

In our back yard, November, 2014

In our back yard, November, 2013

In our back yard, November, 2012

Pics taken on Valentine's Day, February 14, 2012

Pics taken showing my spouse enjoying a leather jock that I bought him for Christmas, 2011

Pics taken on my spouse's birthday in November, 2011

Pics taken on July 18, 2009, hanging out on our deck at night.

Pics taken on February 16, 2009, hanging around in full leather.

Pics of BikerBeef taken on July 29, 2007, around our yard.

Pics taken for Valentine's Day February 14, 2007:

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