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What Are Bal-Laced Boots?

Bal-laced Dehner Boots The word bal-laced (pronounced like “ball laced”) refers to a style of shoe that was popular in the early 1800s called a Balmoral shoe. This style of construction came to be known as “Balmoral style,” or “bal style”, as opposed to the more standard style, in which the opposing rows of eyelets are attached to the vamp and don't meet at the bottom.
Bal-Laced Boots are quite common for use by Motorcycle Police Officers. The boots have lacing at the instep which provides for adjustment to fit the foot. Once tied, the laces seldom require readjustment. These boots became very popular when the popular television show “CHiPs” was aired during the 1970s. Many California Highway Patrol officers still wear this style of police patrol boot.

These boots may have a buckle or laces at the top of the shaft to adjust for better fit on the calf. It is usually an officer's preference to choose which type of calf fitting to get when he or she orders the boots.

The following video by Booted Harleydude shows some bal-laced boots from his personal collection.


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