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Calf Width of Chippewa Engineer Boots

Tall Chippewa Engineer Boots are 17 inches (43cm) tall. They are a classic “biker boots,” and are still made in the U.S.A. Unfortunately, these boots cannot be made custom-to-size or with custom features. They come with a rubber sole that provides moderate traction. The boots also come standard with a steel toe. The boots have calf circumferences that are larger than most other boots.

There are two versions: “oil-tanned” has a dull leather finish. The “hi-shine” style has a thin plastic coating on the surface which gives it a bright shiny appearance. The shine is easy to maintain by spraying it with furniture polish and rubbing it with a soft cloth.

A standard “D”-width Chippewa engineer boot has a 17 inch (43cm) calf circumference from the ankle to the top of the boot. This design is called a “stovepipe” style. The “EE”-width (extra wide) boot has a wider calf circumference of approximately 17-3/4 inches (45cm)

If you want a Chippewa engineer boot with a larger calf circumference but a standard D width, consider ordering the boot one size smaller. For example, if you regularly wear a size 10D but want a larger calf circumference in order to accommodate leather or breeches tucked inside of them, then get a size 9EE. The boots shown here are exactly that – size 9EE boots worn by a man (BHD) who regularly wears size 10D. The boots also show Vibram 100 lug soles applied to them. Those soles were added by a cobbler, and are not available on the boots, even as an option.

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