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Are Boots Supposed to Make a Clunking Sound?

In order for a boot (or a shoe for that matter) to make a clunk, the person wearing it has to drop the heel a split second before the foot. When a boot-wearer does that, he (or she) will hear a distinctive “clunk” as the heel hits the floor sooner than the foot. On the other hand, if you walk in boots as I usually do, I place my foot on the ground slightly before the heel. Walking that way, you can barely tell from the sound that I have boots on.

What is it about wearing boots that makes some guys want to hear that distinctive “boot clunk” sound?

It is a matter of personal preference. Some guys like to hear the “boot clunk” sound, and some don't care. There are some boots that are more prone to making a clunking sound – such as vintage Frye Boots. Also, some guys modify their boot heels by having taps added, or removing the soft rubber heel plate. Those modifications cause boots to clunk – on purpose.

Boots that make noise when they are worn make that noise because the person wearing the boots makes it happen. Seldom does the boot make a clunk all by itself. It needs “help.”

Is there anything wrong with clunking a boot, especially on a wooden floor, for example? No…but some people don't like it, are annoyed by the sound, or do not understand.

We are all different. Some clunk our boots, and some do not.

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