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Embossy Boots

Embossy Boots are made in Spain. This young company is based in Madrid.

Styles of boots made: limited but good selection of cowboy, horse riding, patrol/uniform, and motorcycle boots.

Value: Embossy boots present a good value for the price paid. The boots are constructed of superb quality leather and materials sourced in Spain and Italy. Embossy boots are made using both machine and hand-crafting. The style, materials, and quality of these boots appears from reviews to be excellent.

Availability: These boots are available from the company directly (see link below) via secure internet order. (Note: only Visa and Mastercard are accepted, and there may be challenges with conducting an on-line transaction with issues of protection of customer's card security.)

Custom sizing: Available on request. Costs for custom sizing are U.S. $100 over base price.

How to order: Directly from the manufacturer (link below).

company website

Boot Reviews
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