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Can I Use Furniture Polish to Shine My Boots?

Lots of guys look for a quick and easy method to shine boots. Furniture polish has a little wax in it, but not enough to build a base for a good shine. Leather is only shined with the traditional method of using a shoe wax and lots of elbow grease. First, clean the boots and remove any dirt or grime. Then apply the shoe polish (wax) in a thin layer. Then using a clean cloth, buff the boots in a circular pattern until the shine appears. Apply another thin coat of wax and repeat. You may choose to use a brush, made specifically for shining shoes (or boots) on the last coat.

If you have boots that are made from an artificial leather product such as “Dehcord” (a plastic material), then you may use furniture polish to maintain the shine. You do that by applying a very thin coat of the furniture polish by spraying the boots lightly with it. Then use a soft cloth and buff the boots. Turn the cloth over and continue the process until the shine appears.

Again, the only use for furniture polish on boots is to apply it to a non-leather, artificial material. It will not produce a good shine on actual leather, such as the foot of stock Dehner boots.

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