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Heritage Boots

Heritage boots are contracted for production by the Heritage Boot Company of Austin, Texas. This family-owned company began business in 2007. The company's website says, “they're made the way a good pair (of boots) should be: by hand. One at a time. With great skill and care.”

Styles of boots made: cowboy (western) boots.

Value: The boots are made in Mexico by skilled craftsman. They present a good value for the price paid considering that these boots are not mass-produced on an assembly line. The company takes great pride in the design of a good pair of western boots, and it shows.

Exception: the shipping fees that the author of this wiki was charged were high ($30 for a 4-lb package with insurance via UPS). This fee is higher than any other boot retailer in the U.S. charges for domestic shipping, but perhaps the fee is so high because insurance is added while most other boot vendors do not insure shipments.

Availability: Directly from the company by phone or by visiting their two stores in Texas, or call the company. Contact information on website. This company does not accept on-line orders.

Custom sizing: Not available.

How to order: Try on and purchase in brick-and-mortar stores in Austin and Lockhart, Texas.

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