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Intapol Boots

INTAPOL Industries is a diversified uniform, police equipment and licensed arms distributor. The company opened as AAA Uniforms, Inc., in 1959. Alex Blumenfeld began to sell uniform and work clothes from a store of 600 sq. ft. in Jersey City, New Jersey, USA. The company moved to a larger location in Bayonne, New Jersey, in 1972. In 1984, the company changed its name to “Intapol Industries,” expanded and moved to Jersey City, New Jersey. The company manufacturers police and industrial uniforms. It contracts orders for boots that are made in India.

Styles of boots made: police patrol boots.

Value: Intapol boots present a moderate value for the price paid. (Opinion) The boots are made of all leather, but the leather is thinner than found on boots as made by All American, Dehner, or Wesco.

Availability: Company only.

Custom sizing: Not available, but boots come in three calf widths for foot sizes ranging from 7D/E to 14EEE.

How to order: Visit company website.

Company Website

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