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La Sportiva Boots

La Sportiva Boots are made in a small town in the Dolomite mountains range in northeastern Italy. It has representatives in countries around the world. It's North American representative is based in Boulder, Colorado, USA.

Value: La Sportiva boots are priced competitively for the narrow market served (mountain hikers and climbers) – not cheap, but not expensive. These boots are made with quality materials and with good craftsmanship. Buyers get good value for the price paid.

Styles of boots made: mountain climbing, hiking, and mountain running boots.

Related boot lines: Selected La Sportiva boots are also sold by Hoffman Boots.

Availability: From authorized vendors in the United States and around the world. A vendor locator is on the company website.

Custom sizing: La Sportiva Boots are available only in stock sizes. No custom boots are available.

How to order: La Sportiva boots may be purchased from on-line vendors and recreation retailers.

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