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Lined or Unlined Boots?

Most boots have their shafts lined with leather. It is customary, for example, that cowboy boots are lined. Also, insulated boots designed for use in cold weather environments are also lined with materials such as “Thinsulate” which will keep the feet warm in harsh environments.

Sometimes, though, one has a choice when ordering boots, such as Wesco Boots, to get them lined with leather or not. Here are some comparative features:

unlined boots

  • lighter in weight
  • sometimes cooler on the legs (they can also be warm if closely fitted and if they cause legs to sweat)
  • tall unlined boots will flop over and not stand up without inserts in the boot shafts
  • may be more easily damaged and get holes in them.

lined boots

  • leather in the 4-5oz range is usually used to line boot shafts
  • contrary to popular belief, lined boots do not get hot if they allow air to circulate around the legs
  • lined boots will stand up by themselves without inserts
  • the boots are more sturdy, rugged, and will withstand more gaff, which may occur when used while operating a motorcycle or engaging in physical work
  • most “work boots” are lined

It is the opinion of most Bootmen that when you have a choice is it most appropriate and better to get boots lined with leather.

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