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Need Extra Long Boot Laces?

Boot laces come in standard lengths, which may not be long enough for certain applications, such as on very tall lace-up boots, or men with wide calf circumferences. There is an easy solution to this dilemma.

Get “paracord” instead of boot laces, per se. Paracord is a short name for “Parachute cord.” It is also known as 550 cord. According to Wikipedia, it is a lightweight nylon kernmantle rope originally used in the suspension lines of US parachutes during World War II. It is now used as a general purpose utility cord.

Paracord comes in long lengths of 25 (7.6m), 50 (15.2m), 100 (30.5m) feet or longer. It is inexpensive, and can be found on most major internet sites such as Amazon or others. It is great for use as boot laces because it is very strong, durable, flexible, and has minor elasticity. It comes in a variety of colours, including black, red, white, yellow, olive, blue, green, and others. (By the way, there is no relationship between the colour of boot laces and implications of what those colours mean, though some websites have inaccurately indicated such a relationship. Choose colours you like, that match the leathers or clothing you will wear with your boots, for contrast, for style, or simply as a preference.)

When you get it, you can cut it to the length you prefer. The best way to determine how much you will need is to lace your boots from one end of the cord. When the boots are laced using the method you prefer (ladder, zig-zag, or other), hold the long end up to match the shorter end, and cut it off about 1cm longer than the shorter end. Then hold an open flame of a match or a lighter near the cut end of the paracord. It will melt. Melting the end will prevent fraying. Then, tie the new laces together and you are done!

You may choose to get paracord of different colours and change the laces in your boots to fit your mood, the season, or just to mix things up, such as shown on this pair of BHD's Wesco Combat Boots.

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