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Lucchese Boots

Sam Lucchese Sr. and his brothers established the Lucchese Boot Company San Antonio, Texas, in 1883. The company produced high-quality cowboy boots. The company takes pride in the boot lasts that fit the human foot, in their words, “like no other.” Much work by hand goes into making each boot, though lower-end boots are machine-made under skilled human supervision.

The Lucchese Boot Company was purchased by Arena Brands in 1998. Arena Brands also own the labels for Stetson, Resistol, and Charlie 1 Horse lines of hats and western boots. (Boots labeled “Stetson” or “Charlie 1 Horse” are made by a low-end-of-the-line at a Lucchese facility in Mexico.)

Later (date not found), the Lucchese brand was bought by Boot Barn Holdings.

Styles of boots made: cowboy boots.

Lines: Lucchese used to make three lines of cowboy boots: “Lucchese Classics” (top end), “Lucchese 2000” (middle grade), “1883 by Lucchese” (low end). As of 2022, there is only one line of Lucchese boots.

Value: Lucchese Boots present good value the price paid for the older “vintage” models. Those boots were well constructed of quality leather and materials. The materials and construction of the newer Lucchese Boots (made since 2018) are not as good as their predecessors.

Availability: Many licensed third-party vendors sell Lucchese Boots.

Custom sizing: Not available.

How to order: Try on and purchase in brick-and-mortar stores or from on-line vendors.

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