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Magnum Boots

Magnum boots, based in Modesto, California, USA, has been in business since 1982. Magnum USA is a division of Hi-Tec sports, which produces boots for military, police, and fire/rescue applications. The Magnum brand was developed in the 1980s and 90s from an initial request by the U.S. FBI and security personnel for durable and athletic military-style footwear.

History (from public sources): The first Magnum boots were used at the FBI Training Center, Quantico, Virginia, in 1982. Magnum created the first athletically built tactical boot, which was the “Hi-Tec Magnum”. The separate Magnum brand division was started in 2002. In September 2010, Magnum USA and Hi-Tec Sports USA became two separate companies, under the UK-based parent Hi-Tec Sports.

Magnum boots are made in China according to an email directly from the company.

Styles of boots made: military boots, firefighter boots, law enforcement tactical boots.

Value: Magnum boots present fair value the price paid. The boots are constructed of good to moderate quality leather and other materials. Boots are made by mechanical methods and are not hand-made.

Availability: Many licensed third-party vendors sell Magnum boots. They are also available for order directly from the company.

Custom sizing: Not available.

How to order: Try on and purchase in brick-and-mortar stores or from on-line vendors.

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