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Matterhorn Boots

Matterhorn Boots are a brand of boot made by the Cove Shoe Company of Martinsburg, Pennsylvania, USA. Cove Shoe is a division of H.H. Brown Company. Cove Shoe Company is a manufacturer of private label and branded footwear.

Styles of boots made: mining, military, and law enforcement tactical boots.

Related lines: Corcoran Boots.

Value: Matterhorn Boots present good value for the price paid.

Availability: Many licensed third-party vendors sell Matterhorn Boots.

Custom sizing: Not available.

How to order: Try on and purchase in brick-and-mortar stores or from on-line vendors.

Bootmen's experience: The boots are constructed of good quality leather and materials. Matterhorn Boots provide excellent sole and ankle support and are one of the most comfortable pairs of boots for extended wear. - Bruce

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