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Buying New Boots Using the Internet

People have asked how to get the best deal possible on the purchase of new boots. Following are some suggestions.

1. If a pair of boots comes to you attention, get the manufacturer name, model name, and stock number (if you can find it.)

2. Use a search engine, like Google, and enter the information about the boots. For example, “Justin Bent Rail Buckaroo.”

3. Read the results that are presented on various websites, but avoid the first three results at the top, which are paid advertisements and not necessarily the least expensive source.

4. If you see a good price for the boots you want, note the seller and bookmark the page. Don't buy YET!

5. Visit the websites of favourite boot retailers. Here are some links. Check to see if favourite retailers carry the boots and what their price is. They may or may not carry the boots, and if they do, they may not always come up in a search. So it's always a good idea to check your favorites when you have something with which to compare them. (From Step 4.)

6. When you have narrowed the potential sources down to two or three, then use Google again and type in “Discount Coupon XXX” where “XXX” is the name of the on-line retailer. Many times, discount offers come up with an active, working, on-line discount coupon from a retailer that gives an additional 10%, 15%, or even 20% off the listed “sale” price. This step is important, and can save you a LOT of money!

7. Be sure to compare shipping charges among the top two or three on-line retail choices. Sometimes the boots may cost a little less, but the shipping will make the final total higher. Factor in all costs, including whether you have to pay sales tax. (For example, if you live in California and buy from, you have to pay local sales tax. If you live in Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, or other states where Sheplers has a brick-and-mortar store, you have to pay sales tax.) Go through the motions of placing an order to determine what the final price will be, including all taxes and shipping fees, as well as applicable discounts.

8. If the on-line retailer that offers the best price is not one with which you have experience, then consider taking an extra precautionary step. Go back to google, and enter “XXX consumer complaints” where “XXX” is the name of the retailer. Look to see if there are serious complaints about the company from multiple people. A single rant from one dissatisfied person is not a problem. But multiple legitimate complaints may cause concern.

This process can be a little arduous or time-consuming, but it can save anywhere from $20 - $100 on a pair of new boots. Since boots will last a long time, the time you put into shopping for a good price is worth it.

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