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Rujo Boots

This bootmaker is based in León, Mexico, the (unofficial) cowboy boot-making capital of the world. They own and self-operate a warehouse in Texas. Rujo Boots have an under-stated marketing presence, but in the opinion of the owner of this boot wiki, are competitive or better than boot retailers with better marketing (such as Tecovas.)

Style of boots made: cowboy boots (calf – smooth and roughout and various exotic skins)

Value: Rujo Boots are made with exceptional care and quality. They present superb value for the price paid. The boots are welted, leather lined, and hand-crafted. The author of this boot wiki owns and wears several pairs of Rujo Boots and has been impressed with the appearance, quality, and comfort of these great boots.

Availability: directly from the manufacturer. Not sold in stores.

Custom sizing: not available.

How to order: Directly from the company website.

company website

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