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Runnerbull Boots

Runnerbull boots are a brand offered by Motoresearch srl of Italy. The company has been in business since 1996. Note from the company owner: “The Motorcycle market is full of producers of tech products, for racing, for tourism, and for motocross, often produced with poor quality leather from Pakistan to China. I found an Italian supplier with expert craftsmanship who uses only high quality fine Italian leather. We are launching a new brand of boots for men. Not tech boots, but comfortable boots for everyday with biker style and appearance.”

Styles of boots made: Motorcycle boots. Also classic formal style and ranchero style boots with four heights: calf, knee, overknee and thigh high.

Value: Runnerbull boots present good value for the price paid. The boots are constructed of high quality leather and materials sourced in Italy (not China or Pakistan).

Availability: Directly from the company on-line. Production time for boots not in stock is about three weeks.

Customizations available: Customizations are possible for for sizes, leather color, leather types, and heights. Two soles are offered: a Vibram lug style and leather with tiny rubber grooves.

How to order: on-line only. (See link below).

company website - Italy Nota bene: language is Italian.
company website -- USA Language is English.

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