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Sendra Boots

The Sendra Boot Company started in 1912 by Andres Sendra in Almansa, Spain. Mr. Sendra had visited the United States and returned to Spain with a passion to make cowboy boots in his home country. Sendra boots became available in the U.S. market in 1962.

Styles of boots made: cowboy and motorcycle boots.

Value: Sendra boots present an excellent value. The boots are constructed of superb quality leather and materials. Sendra boots are made using both machine and hand-crafting in Almansa, Spain.

Availability: These boots are available from licensed vendors around the world, but availability is limited. The Sendra website does not provide active links to Sendra retailers. Just enter “Sendra boots” into a search engine.

Custom sizing: Not available.

Sizing note: many men have reported that Sendra boots run a little small.

How to order: Through a licensed retailer. You cannot order the boots from the manufacturer.

company website (Note: the website relies heavily on the use of Flash and requires a broadband internet connection to work best.)

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