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Issues Related to Wearing Boots Tightly on the Legs ("Snug Boots")

Lace-up boots are easy to adjust the fit so they boots can be tight. This is called “snug boots.” Some guys like boots to fit tightly on the legs so they can feel the boots as they walk or stand in them.

However, there is a major health consideration in wearing boots that are tighly closed over the legs. As you get older, your legs will become wider and you may develop problems like vericose veins. Even if you work out regularly, your calf muscles begin to lose tone and expand. Just a little bit each year, and overall they don't get too big, but by your late 40s or 50s, your legs will probably be 1 to 1-1/2“ wider in circumference than they were at age 30.

If you like snug boots and fit yourself snugly by providing very accurate but close measurements of your calf circumference in an order for custom boots, you will find that your boots will outlive your ability to wear them. Eventually, your legs will get wider and you just won't be able to squeeze them on. Your huge investment now will be rendered useless to you, and either you may not wear the boots any more or sell them and be lucky to get half of what you paid for them originally.

Even though custom bootmakers do not recommend it, it is suggested to add 1/2” to 1“ to your calf measurement on the custom sizing form. Then the boots will continue to fit over time, and make your investment in their purchase more worthwhile.

Another thing to know about is a major and frequently overlooked (or not thought-about) matter: as you age, your become susceptible to DVT – deep vein thrombosis. This is where a clot forms in a vein in your leg due to poor circulation. The clot could break free and end up in the brain, causing a stroke, or in the heart, causing cardiac arrest, or in the lung, causing pulmonary embolism. DVT is very serious, and happens more often than people realize. It could happen to anyone, but those who smoke cigarettes or take medications that affect blood circulation (such as pain killers, blood pressure, or certain asthma drugs), are more at risk. Other factors that predispose one to DVT include previous or family history of DVT, circulation problems, obesity and cancer (or having had cancer treatment). Periods of immobility are also an issue, so anyone travelling a very long haul flight in tight boots should take especial care to do various leg/foot exercises.

When you wear boots snugly on your legs, you are significantly increasing the “odds” of getting a clot, even at a younger age, because snug boots will reduce blood circulation in the legs and feet. When you take your boots off - BAM! A stroke! Thus it is advised to get boots that allow room around your legs so they are not squeezed. Consider if you will be wearing leather breeches or jeans tucked inside the boots, and accommodate for the additional room required for the clothing.

Be careful and cautious before choosing to make your boots snug tightly on your legs. Wearing boots tightly on the legs as a regular matter of practice can cause serious health consequences.

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