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How To Lace Station Boots

Station Boots are called that because they are frequently worn by firefighters, and are seen at the local fire station. These boots are usually 8“ to 9” high. They have a unique design because a boot zipper is laced into the boots. The lacing allows custom adjustment to the wearer's foot. Once laced, the boots do not need to be laced again. The laces hold a boot zipper which is installed onto the middle of the boot. All the wearer has to do is unzip the zipper to take the boot off, and zip it up to hold it on.

The boots and the zipper both have eyelets (usually 11) that are spaced equidistantly. If you have narrow feet, you can place the eyelets over each other and lace the zipper to the boot. However, most people have average to wide feet. In that situation, place the zipper adjacent to the boot's eyelets so the eyelets of the zipper match.

Lacing station boots is not hard, but it is difficult to tell from photos how to do it. Here's how (and see a video below that provides a demonstration):

1. - Pick one boot and one boot zipper to start. Line up the zipper's eyelets with the eyelets on the boot.

Note: each boot comes with two laces – one for the left side of the boot zipper and one for the right. It is not one long lace.

2. - Insert one lace into the eyelet from underneath on both the boot and the zipper on the left side. Pull the lace so it is even.

3. - Push the lace from the boot into the eyelet on the zipper from above. Do the same with the other lace: push it into the eyelet on the boot. Pull the laces until tight.

4. - Pull the lace that is sticking out from the underside of the zipper to the next higher eyelet, and push it through from below. Do the same with the lace on the boot.

5. - Pull the laces taught. Pull the lace from the boot to the opposite eyelet on the zipper. Push it into the eyelet and down into it. Reverse the procedure with the other lace from the zipper to the boot. You will have double laces at each crossing. This is normal.

6. - Repeat steps 4 and 5 until the laces are all the way at the top eyelet. You want to end with the laces pushed from the top down into the boot, so the ends of the laces end up inside the boot.

7. - Tie the ends of the laces together inside the boot. For the moment, leave them alone, even if they are too long.

8. - Repeat with the lace on the opposite (right) side of the boot.

9. - Repeat the entire process of inserting two laces into the boot zipper with the other boot.

10. - Put on the boot and zip up the zipper. It may take quite a pull to get the zipper zipped. Don't break it, but pull hard. You may find a light spray of WD-40 on the boot zipper will make it easier to zip closed. If you cannot zip the zipper completely, then unzip it and re-do some of the lacing to allow more room between the boot zipper and the boot, equally on both sides. You may need to readjust the lacing once or twice to get the right fit. You will know you have the right fit when the zipper closes completely and the boot feels comfortable on your foot.
11. - Once you are confident that the lacing is correct, the boot zipper will close completely, and the boots are comfortable, take care of the extra length of laces inside the boot. To do that, remove the boot. Cut off laces more than 1“ (2cm) beyond the knot of the laces. Use a flame from a match or lighter to melt the ends of the laces to prevent them from fraying. Carefully tuck the ends of the laces into the inside of the boot. The lace ends will be covered by the boot's tongue when the boot zipper is closed and the boot is worn.

Enjoy your station boots – among the most comfortable boots around!

Photos of Station Boots -- Chippewa Firefighter Boots (including more images of the lacing)

Diagram of lacing instructions for a Loose Fit-- PDF File (Provided courtesy of Thoroughgood Boots)

Diagram of lacing instructions for a Tight Fit-- PDF File (Provided courtesy of Thoroughgood Boots)

How to Lace in a Boot Zipper in Firefighter Station Boots

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