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Tidewater Cowboy Boots

Tidewater Cowboy Boots are made in Williamsburg, Virginia, USA. These boots are hand crafted “bespoke” boots. They are not made custom, but are made-to-order.

Styles of boots made: cowboy boots with styling much like vintage Frye boots.

Value: Tidewater Cowboy Boots are a good value for the price paid. They are constructed of excellent quality leather using all hand-made processes.

Construction: soles are made of durable 9 to 9 half-iron all-leather outsole, double welt, and 9-iron insole. A tempered spring steel shank provides support for the foot. The boots are leather lined and superbly constructed. Tidewater Cowboy boots also have solid leather stacked heels.

Personal review: BHD owns a pair of these boots and raves about their comfort, style, and durability. See his boots here

Availability: Directly from the bootmaker.

Custom sizing: Not generally available.

How to order: As of 08/2018, the company website stopped working. No information if this company is still in business.

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