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Are Wesco Boots Gay?

There are a lot of men who like to wear Wesco boots. Some men like the boots because of the utility and protection that they provide when engaging in preferred outdoor activities, such as riding a motorcycle, working on construction projects, or doing yardwork. Other men wear various styles of Wesco boots for activities like logging, working on utility lines, wildland firefighting, and serving as a motor patrol officer. To them, the boots are more like “required” footwear; a part of a uniform – not anything else.

There is a range of traits and preferences that each person has. Some straight guys don't like boots at all, and choose to wear sneakers in their off-time. Some gay men wouldn't be caught dead in a pair of sturdy, rugged boots.

It is really a matter of preference, not having anything to do with whether one is programmed biologically to love a male or a female. People just have to get over trying to apply stereotypes to link preferences for certain things like boots and being gay. The stereotypes cause people to respond in ways that don't help matters much, and sometimes cause strife, negativity, and attacks borne from fear and insecurity.

Masculine men who engage in activities that require solid protection for their feet may choose to wear Wesco boots. That's really about it… what you see is what you get, no more, no less.

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