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Wesco Boots

Wesco Boots are made by a family owned and operated company located in Scappoose, Oregon, USA. This town is a suburb of Portland.

The company is formally known as the West Coast Shoe Company. It was started in 1918 by John Henry Shoemaker. The main focus was on making boots for men who worked in the logging industry. With industry expansion before and after World War II, additional styles of rugged work boots were made. The company is well-regarded for making the most rugged, durable boots in the world. PDF company brochure on Wesco History

Styles of boots made: Logger, pole climbing, engineer (“Boss”), harness, firefighter, and police patrol boots.

Availability: factory direct and dozens of authorized vendors in the United States, including Stompers Boots and Big Black Boots.

Custom sizing: is available. Most Wesco boots are made custom to size. A few styles are available in standard “stock” sizing. Most men find that stock boots fit true-to-size, but find that custom boots fit best, especially for boots taller than 14“.

How to order: stock boots may be purchased from a vendor or the manufacturer. It is also possible to place an order for custom boots through an authorized vendor or directly with the company. Note: authorized vendors often can offer lower pricing that ordering custom boots from the factory direct. It usually takes three to four months for a pair of custom boots to be delivered after an order is placed.

Plural: When you have more than one Wesco boot, you have Wescos. Do not add an apostrophe to make the word “Wesco” plural.

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