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What Jeans Go Best with Cowboy Boots?

Cowboys, especially those who ride horses, and Bikers (those who ride iron horses), prefer Wrangler Jeans because the heavier, “rolled” seam on Wranglers is on the outside of the legs (to reduce rubbing in the saddle) while Levis have the heavier, bulkier seam on the inside of the legs. The seam can rub against the leg while riding a horse or motorcycle. Levis were popular years ago. But since their production was moved outside the U.S. in 1996, the quality is not in the product like it once was. And designer jeans? FuggetAboutIt. Unless you're on a fashion runway, save your money and get Wranglers. Masculine men – gay or straight – wear regular-old straight-legged blue jeans. (Don't even ask about how silly baggy and low-rise jeans look on adult men.)

Straight-Leg, Boot Cut, Flare, Bell Bottom?

This is a personal choice, but most guys choose straight-leg or Boot Cut jeans. The differences between these styles is rather minor. When buying jeans, read details on the width of the opening at the foot. Most cowboy boots have a 16“ or 16-1/2” circumference. The jeans should be at least as wide as that.

Flare and Bell Bottom Jeans are relics of the 1970s. While jeans with these leg openings may still be available, they are seldom worn except for nostalgic purposes. Real cowboys usually wear straight-legged jeans.

Color of Jeans

This is a personal choice. Most jeans are from medium to dark blue. It's also common to find men wearing black jeans. There are other colors available: brown, green, khaki, and even white. Most guys in the U.S. wear jeans that are blue or black. Blue jeans go especially well with cognac or tan boots. You may occasionally see men wearing brown or khaki (beige) jeans. Cowboys do not wear jeans in other colors, such as green, red, yellow, or white.

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